When you just can't miss the big event!!

Your team has finally made it!  You just gotta be there.....

Welcome to! Want to attend that once in a lifetime event, but every hotel is booked? Can't afford the 300% accommodation mark up the week of the big event?  Gotta Be There specializes in finding big time accommodations without the big time mark ups. How? GottaBeThere is able secure special relationships with certain properties located in the hosting cities of our biggest sporting events at non-inflatted rates. We are then able to rent them to you  at  a fraction of what you will find through hotel websites or booking agents. Most of our properties are located in the heart of the city so you will always be close to the sports action. In addition, many of our properties can accommodate larger groups with the availability of ajoining rooms, pull out queen beds, and fully equipped kitchens! Finally, since we are a small, independent, family run business, you will be treated as our personal guests from the minute you book to the time you check out.
BCS National Championship, Sugar Bowl, Superbowl, or another big time event?  Check with us!   
  • 1-3 Bedroom Suites

  • Large living spaces with eat in kitchens
  • Personalized service
  • Affordable prices 
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